Tomorrow's Another Day

Det är en dag imorgon också
Director: Johan Carlsson

Sweden, Documentary, 2011, 90 min, swedish with english and lithuanian subtitles, T
“Tomorrow’s Another Day” is a documentary about Swedish film director Roy Andersson and his special ways of making films. Shot during the four year long filming period of Andersson‘s latest feature “You, the Living”, the documentary is a personal description of a surprising and different approach to the creative process. Roy Andersson has invented a working method of his own in order to achieve control over the working process, but he is ultimately dependent on his young co-workers.
About the director:
Johan Carlsson, born in 1967 in Umeå, Sweden, is a Swedish director, producer, cinematographer. Studied film and TV directing. Since 1991 has been working on Roy Andersson‘s films as a producer and assistant director. Written and directed a short film “Everywhere” (Överallt, 2001) and a short documentary “Live, Human... as Long as You Possibly Can!” (Lev människa... för helvete... så länge du kan!, 2011, co-director Pehr Arte). “Tomorrow‘s Another Day” is his first documentary feature.
Section: “World of Glory“: Roy Andersson Film Retrospective

Screenplay: Johan Carlsson

Dir. of Photography: Johan Carlsson, Pehr Arte

Music: Felix Anéer