Director: Andrey Gryazev

Russia, Documentary, 2012, 90 min, russian with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

“Tomorrow” is a documentary film about the most striking occurence in contemporary art in Russia, the group “Voina” (“War”). Their founders Vor (“Thief”) and Koza (“Goat”) live underground, raise their one-year-old son Kasper and carry out art actions on the fine edge between art and criminal code. In the beginning their actions were of an anonymous underground character. “Voina” became known to the public in 2008. Until today more than 200 activists took part in the Voina actions. More than 20 law suits were filed against the group and their activists. Their courageous political statements leave nobody indifferent (and disturb absolutely everybody). They live in the present, hoping that tomorrow they can change everything... The powerful quality of their actions finds in Andrey Gryazev’s documentary an ideological empathy. The film suggests that the new ways of artistic activism can be nothing but political, and so every situation – as crazy as they are effective and provocative – is a moment of artistic enjoyment and reflection.

About the director:

Andrey Gryazev was born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia. He gained a degree at the National School of Television (Russia) with Film Editing as his main subject, and then took advanced courses in film direction and screenwriting with Andrey Gerasimov and Andrey Dobrovolski in Moscow. Gryazev is a member of the Russian film directors' guild since 2009 and of the National Film Academy NIKA. He has directed several documentary films: short film “Ice Age” (Lednikoviy period, 2009), multiple award-winning features “Sanya and Sparrow” (Sanya i vorobey, 2009) and “Miner‘s Day” (Den shakhtera, 2010). “Tomorrow”, his latest full-length documentary, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival (Germany) in 2012.

Section: All The Muses

Screenplay: Andrey Gryazev

Dir. of Photography: Andrey Gryazev