Tomatl: Chronicle of The End of the World

Tomatl: chronique de la fin d'un monde
Director: Luis Briceño

France, Documentary, animation, 2010, 10 min, french with lithuanian subtitles, V
The tomato was discovered by Europeans at the same time as the New World. The Aztecs handed down this plant, which now covers a third of the world's arable land.
2011 – Grand Prix at the Lama Film Festival (France).
2011 – Best Educational Animated Film Award at the “Golden Kuker” International Animation Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria).
2011 – Audience Award at the “Séquence Court-Métrage” International Film Festival (Toulouse, France).
About the director:
Born in Chile in 1971, Luis Briceño arrived in France in 1992 to study civil engineering, following on with studies in animation. He then continued as an acoustics designer for animation films, film director and singer. Apart from some twenty-odd music videos for various French, German or American artists, he has made a number of short films combining animation, puppets, live action and experimental techniques.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Luis Briceño

Dir. of Photography: Raúl Heuty, Luis Briceno, Benjamin Echazarreta

Music: Juan Guillermo Dumay