Thursday Till Sunday

De jueves a domingo
Director: Dominga Sotomayor

Chile, Netherlands, Drama, 2012, 94 min, spanish with english and lithuanian subtitles, V
It all begins on a Thursday. It all ends on a Sunday. 10-year-old Lucía (Santi Ahumada) and 7-year-old Manuel (Emiliano Freifeld) travel for the long weekend with their parents, Ana (Paola Giannini) and Fernando (Francisco Pérez-Bannen). The couple has decided to break up but has previously promised their children to go to the north of Chile, so they decide to travel anyway. The journey slowly turns into a final goodbye. It’s a long route. The landscape’s loneliness and the car’s confinement begin to surface the troubles of the couple. The children just want to get to the beach; Fernando, to a piece of land his father has left him; and Ana, to a nonexistent place where things are fine again. “Thursday Till Sunday” is Lucía’s distant and fragmented outlook on this last family trip.
2012 – Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (Netherlands).
2012 – Best Film Award at the “IndieLisboa” International Independent Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal).
2012 – Best Film Award at the “New Horizons” Film Festival (Wrocław, Poland).
2012 – Best Film Award at the Granada Film Festival (Spain).
2012 – Best Cinematography Award at the Transilvania International Film Festival (Cluj-Napoca, Romania).
About the director:
Dominga Sotomayor was born in Santiago (Chile) in 1985. She finished her filmmaking studies and created production company “Cinestacion” in 2007. She has directed several international award-winning short films: “Cessna” (2005), “November” (Noviembre, 2007), “Below” (Debajo, 2007), “The Mountain” (La Montaña, 2008) and “Videogame” (Videojuego, 2009). “Thursday Till Sunday”, young director's first feature film, stems out of memories of childhood trips and captures the childhood in all its conflicting moods. The film premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (Netherlands).
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Dominga Sotomayor

Dir. of Photography: Bárbara Álvarez

Music: Diego Fontecilla, Elisa Arteche

Cast: Santi Ahumada, Emiliano Freifeld, Francisco Pérez-Bannen, Paola Giannini, Jorge Becker, Axel Dupré