The New World

Uus Maailm
Director: Jaan Tootsen

Estonia, Documentary, 2011, 88 min, estonian with english and lithuanian subtitles, V
A new world needs new heroes. How to create an urban living space? How to change your neighborhood or the world/? How to make the revolution? The film tells about the New World Society, a citizens’ initiative in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. Their mission is to fight for a cleaner and car-free environment by legal and illegal means. Some consider them noisy disturbers of the peace; some see them as an irresponsible bunch of hippies, and still others think they are heroes. “The New World” is an observational documentary, following the main characters and the dynamics of their revolution from the very beginning of it – four years ago. We see euphoria, passion, compromises, frustration, hurt feelings and broken hearts. It is the anatomy of one revolution.
2011 – Estonian Association of Film Journalists Award for the best film.
About the director:
Jaan Tootsen, born in 1975 in Estonia, studied at the Tallinn University and Tallinn Pedagogical University (Estonia). He is working as a program editor at Estonian Radio and is a non-staff cultural advisor of the President of the Republic of Estonia. He was awarded the Young Cultural Figure Award of the Cultural Foundation of the President of the Republic of Estonia in 2010. Jaan Tootsen has directed several documentaries and compiled over 100 radio programs. His latest documentary film “The New World” had its international premiere at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2011 (Czech Republic).
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Jaak Kilmi, Jaan Tootsen

Dir. of Photography: Jaak Kilmi, Jaan Tootsen, Mihkel Soe

Music: Sander Saarmets