The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension
Director: Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko, Jan Kwiecinski

USA, Russia, Poland, Drama, comedy, 2011, 106 min, english, polish and russian with english and lithuanian subtitles, V
Three filmmakers – Alexey Fedorchenko, Harmony Korine and Jan Kwiecinski – have created three unique stories that represent their interpretation of the higher plane of existence known as the Fourth Dimension. The film opens with Harmony Korine‘s short. In this story Val Kilmer plays a motivational speaker who doesn’t conform to any norms one might expect. His speech deeply
inspires his audience because he speaks the unadulterated truth. In the next chapter by Alexey Fedorchenko we travel to Russia where Grigory believes he has already found the Fourth Dimension. He believes that pure intellectual pursuits and his groundbreaking time machine is the key to true happiness. The last chapter by Jan Kwiecinski takes place in Poland where Pace and his friends are also in search of the Fourth Dimension. Each filmmaker provides a different perspective on what the Fourth Dimension is while keeping a common theme – by broadening your mind and changing your perspective on life, you can pave your own path to enlightenment.
About the directors:
Harmony Korine was born in 1974 in USA. Once hailed as “the future of American cinema” by Werner Herzog, Korine arrived on the scene, at age 19. He’s since proven himself as one of the most controversial, independent filmmakers working today. His directorial debut “Gummo” (1997) was praised by critics. His other works include provocative features “Julien Donkey-Boy” (1999), “Mister Lonely” (2007) and “Trash Humpers” (2009), several short films and music videos.
Alexey Fedorchenko was born in 1966 in Russia. He began his career making short documentaries, before directing the features “First on the Moon” (Pervye na Lune, 2005), “The Railway” (Zheleznaya doroga, 2007) and the award-winning “Silent Souls” (Ovsyanki, 2010).
Jan Kwiecinski was born in 1985 in Poland. He has made several short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. “The Fourth Dimension” is Kwiecinski’s first time participating in a feature-length project.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko, Jan Kwiecinski, Oleg Loevsky, Yaroslava Pulinovich

Dir. of Photography: Kamil Plocki, Christopher Blauvelt, Shandor Berkeshi

Music: Val Kilmer, Nick Zinner

Cast: Val Kilmer, Rachel Korine, Igor Sergeev, Darya Ekamasova, Tomasz Tyndyk, Justyna Wasilewska, Paweł Tomaszewski, Paweł Smagala