Snow Crazy

Director: Laila Pakalniņa

Latvia, Documentary, 2012, 34 min, latvian with english and lithuanian subtitles, V
There is a popular Latvian folksong which begins with the phrase “I was singing out high on a mountain”. The irony of it is that according to physical geography there are no mountains in Latvia. So what exactly is the place where the Latvians are “singing out”? It may be safely said now that it is the same place where they are skiing. That’s how we make mountains out of molehills... Snow-covered mountains, to be sure. “Snow Crazy” is a film about ski madness in a mountainless country. A skier herself, director Laila Pakalniņa has made an amusing, self-ironic and surreal portrait of people determined to satisfy their craving.
About the director:
Laila Pakalniņa was born in 1962 in Liepāja, Latvia. In 1986 she graduated from the Moscow University, Department of TV Journalism and continued her studies in the Department of Film Direction at the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow (Russia), graduating in 1991. Laila Pakalniņa is director and scriptwriter of award-winning documentaries (“Three Men and a Fish Pond” (Par dzimteniti, 2008), “33 Animals of Santa Claus” (33 Zvēri ziemassvētku vecītim, 2011), shorts (“Anna’s Christmas” (Anna Ziemassvetki, 1992), “Water” (Udens, 2006) and feature films (“The Shoe” (Kurpe, 1998), “The Python” (Pitons, 2003) and “The Hostage” (Kilnieks, 2006).
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Laila Pakalniņa

Dir. of Photography: Uldis Cekulis, Valdis Celmiņš, Krišs Roziņš, Uldis Jancis