Singing Nadezhda

Laulev Nadežda
Director: Alyona Surzhikova

Estonia, Documentary, 2011, 28 min., estonian with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

Young director Alyona Surzhikova‘s documentary film tells a story of Nadezhda Ataeva, a talented singer. Her name means hope, and hope is what she sings about. She writes her own songs and performs them on the streets of Tallinn, earning a living for her family. Nadezhda is more than just a singer – she is also a mother of 9 children and a grandmother of one grandchild. Her husband Rustam, an unemployed evangelical preacher, is a deeply religious man. Before meeting her husband, Nadezhda was not a believer, but everything changed 18 years ago, when the Lord came into her life. Faith, hope and love are the subjects of her songs. Is there enough love to go around in the Ataev family when they face everyday cares?

About the director:

Alyona Surzhikova was born in 1982 in Estonia. She studied TV directing in Tallinn University (Tallinn, Estonia) and filmmaking in St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television (St. Petersburg, Russia). A. Surzikova began working in the industry while still at the university and spent several years working at the Estonian Public Broadcasting as editor, director and author, making youth TV shows, cultural programs and author projects. She began documentary filmmaking in 2004 and has directed several films that enjoyed successful screenings at the film festivals since then: “Search of the pathˮ (2004), “Once upon a time in Russiaˮ (2006), “Semyon Shkolnikov’s War and Peaceˮ (2008), “Generation 0ˮ(2008), “Miss Robinsonˮ (2009), “Working man portraitˮ (2010).

Section: Music Moves The World

Screenplay: Alyona Surzhikova

Dir. of Photography: Gleb Klimov, Sergei Trofimov

Music: Nadezhda Ataeva