Russian Libertine

Venäjän vapain mies
Director: Ari Matikainen

Suomija, Documentary, 2012, 75 min, russian with english and lithuanian subtitles
For many in Russia, author Victor Erofeyev is a troublemaker. For decades he has been in conflict with the Russian state because he is seen as a champion of Western ideology. His views have landed him in court and led to death threats. Even his family life has been affected – the political death of his father, a high-ranking Communist officer, is attributed to Victor’s books challenging the State. But through all this Victor has stayed in Russia to help inspire change. At a time ordinary people as well as different extremist movements have began to demand political reform – change is in the air. What makes Victor risk everything for democracy in a country where it just doesn’t seem to fit?
About the director:
Ari Matikainen (born 1970) is a Finnish director and scriptwriter with several documentaries and TV series to his credit. He graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki (Finland) as a director. His degree work, a feature documentary entitled “Lone Star Hotel” (Yhden tähden hotelli, 2007), was distributed theatrically in Finland and won the national Jussi Award Finland for Best Documentary. “Russian Libertine” is Matikainen's second feature documentary film.
Section: All The Muses

Screenplay: Liisa Juntunen, Ari Matikainen

Dir. of Photography: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen

Music: Janne Haavisto