Perret in France and Algeria

Perret in Frankreich und Algerien
Director: Heinz Emigholz

Germany, Documentary, 2012, 110 min, without dialogues, V
The film “Perret in France and Algeria” presents 30 buildings and architectural ensembles of the French architects and construction engineers Auguste and Gustave Perret. Auguste Perret has masterfully refined concrete construction in the implementation of his projects and instilled in them a classical expression. Working in parallel to the execution of numerous construction projects in France, Perret was building under conditions of colonialism in North Africa, Algeria. The film traces this division chronologically. The edifices of Perret in France and their continued existence in the present are thus juxtaposed to his projects realized in Algeria. A differentiated interaction with the architectural heritage in diverging cultures thereby becomes visible. The fate of Western architectural modernism along with its symbolic value and sustainability in the everyday interaction with its resulting products in varying social conditions and landscapes comes into view.
About the director:
Heinz Emigholz, German filmmaker, actor, artist, writer and producer, was born in 1948 in Achim, Germany. He trained first as a draftsman before studying philosophy and literature in Hamburg. He began filmmaking in 1968 and has created more than 50 award-winning short and full-length documentaries, features and experimental films. In 1978 he founded film company “Pym Films”. He also has had numerous exhibitions, lectures and publications. He has held a professorship in Experimental Filmmaking at the Berlin University of Arts (Germany) since 1993, and co-founded the Institute for Time-based Media and the Art and Media program there. For his films about famous architects, engineers and their buildings Emigholz was named world's most acute observer of architecture. His documentary “Sense of Architecture” (2008) was screened at the Kaunas International Film Festival in 2009. Since 1992 Heinz Emigholz has been working on one of his most important film series “Architecture As Autobiography” about the origins, future, fate, and rise and fall of architectural modernism. Together with film “Parabeton”, also screened at the film festival this year, “Perret in France and Algeria” constitute the finale of this film series, which has been created for two decades.
Section: All The Muses

Screenplay: Heinz Emigholz

Dir. of Photography: Heinz Emigholz