Patience (After Sebald)

Patience (After Sebald)
Director: Grant Gee

United Kingdom, Documentary, 2012, 90 min, english with lithuanian subtitles, V
“Patience (After Sebald)” is a multi-layered film essay on landscape, art, history, life and loss, directed, written and shot by the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Grant Gee. It offers a unique exploration of the work of internationally acclaimed writer W. G. Sebald (1944–2001) via a walk through East Anglia tracking his most influential book, “The Rings of Saturn” (1995). The film follows Sebald’s route contemplating the landscape and the places the author visited. Grant Gee blends visual impressions from the walk, archive material, interviews with a number of authors and artists who have been influenced by W. G. Sebald’s unorthodox style, and even the voice of the writer himself to unveil the Sebaldian universe and create a portrait of this exceptional writer. “Patience (After Sebald)”, a beautifully shot film with an outstanding soundtrack, is a synthesis of literature, cinematography and music.
About the director:
Film director, cinematographer Grant Gee was born in Plymouth, United Kingdom. He studied geography at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University (United Kingdom), and at the University of Illinois (Chicago, USA). Since early 1990s Grant Gee has directed numerous music videos for “Radiohead”, “Blur”, “Gorillaz”, Nick Cave, “Coldplay” and many others. In 1996 he began making films. He is best known for his music documentaries. In “Meeting People is Easy” (1998) he follows “Radiohead” on their promotion tour for the album “OK Computer”. The film was nominated for the Grammy Award, as was his “Demon Days: Live at the Manchester Opera House” (2005) about “Gorillaz”. For his documentary “Joy Divison” (2006) Gee won the prestigious Grierson Award (United Kingdom). “Patience (After Sebald)” is Gee‘s much anticipated latest documentary film, a result of director‘s interest in W. G. Sebalds writings. 
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Screenplay: Grant Gee

Dir. of Photography: Grant Gee

Music: The Caretaker