Night #1

Nuit #1
Director: Anne Émond

Canada, Drama, 2011, 91 min, french with english and lithuanian subtitles, N18
Clara (Catherine De Léan), a 28-year-old Québécoise elementary school teacher, meets Nikolaï (Dimitri Storoge), a 31-year-old Ukrainian artist, at a rave in a loft. Soon they find themselves passionately embracing in Nikolaï’s apartment. After Nikolaï falls asleep, Clara begins to rummage through his notebooks, takes a bath and, before leaving, photographs him with her cell phone. He wakes up, angry to see her depart so savagely, and launches into his own form of interrogation. He begins to itemize what he already knows about Clara, despite not even knowing her last name. He recounts how she kisses, the marks on her body… As the night progresses, Clara and Nikolai bare their fears, regrets, disappointments and feelings of alienation. An exploration of intimacy and love, Anne Émond‘s “Night #1” is a film about despair, individualism and the anxieties of belonging. It exposes the potential of even the most fleeting encounters.
2011 – Best Actress Award for Catherine De Léan at the Pau International Film Festival (France).
2011 – Daniel Langlois Innovation Award at the Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montreal, Canada).
2011 – Best Canadian Feature Film Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada).
2011 – Special Jury Mention at the Toronto International Film Festival (Canada). 
2011 – Grand Prix at the Tübingen-Stuttgart International French-language Film Festival (Germany).
2012 – Claude Jutra Award for outstanding achievement by a first-time feature filmmaker at the Génie Awards (Toronto, Canada).
About the director:
Anne Émond (born 1982) is a Canadian screenwriter and filmmaker. After graduating in Film Production from The University of Quebec (Montreal, Canada) in 2005, she wrote and directed several award-winning short films. She won the Coop Vidéo de Montréal (Canada) Award for Best Direction for her short film “The Order of Things” (L’Ordre des Choses, 2008). “Births” (Naissances, 2009) won the prize for Best Narrative Short Film at the Brooklyn International Film Festival (New York, USA). “Night #1” is her first feature film.
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Anne Émond

Dir. of Photography: Mathieu Laverdière

Music: Martin M. Tétreault

Cast: Catherine De Léan, Dimitri Storoge