Museum Hours

Museum Hours
Director: Jem Cohen

Austria, USA, Drama, 2012, 106 min, english with lithuanian subtitles, V

Vienna, winter. Johann (Bobby Sommer), a guard at the grand Kunsthistorisches Art Museum encounters Anne (Mary Margaret O’Hara), a foreign visitor called to Austria because of a medical emergency. Never having been to Austria and with little money, she wanders the city in limbo, taking the museum as her refuge. Johann, initially wary, offers help, and they're drawn into each other's worlds. Their meetings spark an unexpected series of explorations – of their own lives and the life of the city, and of the way artworks can reflect and shape daily experience. The museum is seen in the film not as an archaic institution housing historical artifacts, but as an enigmatic crossroads in which, through the artworks, a discussion takes place across time with vital implications in the contemporary world.

2012 – CICAE Art Cinema Award at the Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland).
About the director:
Jem Cohen (born in 1962 in Kabul, Afghanistan) is a New York-based American filmmaker. He studied film and photography at the Wesleyan University (Middletown, USA). Cohen started his career as an independent filmmaker in 1983. He mixes documentary, narrative, and experimental genres, often building from his own ongoing archive of street footage, portraits and sound. His notable feature-length films include “Benjamin Smoke” (2000), “Instrument” (2003), “Chain” (2004) and “Evening’s Civil Twilight in Empires of Tin” (2008), shorts include “Lost Book Found” (1996), “Amber City” (1999), “Little Flags” (2000) and “Anne Truitt – Working” (2010). Cohen‘s films are in the collections of Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Whitney Museum of American Art (both in New York, USA). He has had retrospectives at London’s National Film Theatre (United Kingdom), Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (Argentina) and Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (Germany).
Section: All The Muses

Screenplay: Jem Cohen

Dir. of Photography: Jem Cohen, Peter Roehsler

Cast: Mary Margaret O'Hara, Bobby Sommer, Ela Piplits