Mobile Home

Mobile Home
Director: François Pirot

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Comedy, 2012, 95 min, french with lithuanian subtitles, V
Simon (Arthur Dupont) has left his job and girlfriend in the city to return to his small hometown in the countryside where his retired parents are living. He encounters Julien, his childhood friend, there. Julien is living with his father, who is recovering from a serious illness. One evening, on a whim, the two thirty year olds decide to fulfill a teenage dream: hitting the road in search of adventure. They buy a huge motorhome and launch into their project with enthusiasm, but a breakdown delays their departure. Stood stock-still, another travel carries out which takes them on different roads.
About the director:
Born in Bastogne, Belgium, in 1977, François Pirot took a degree in performing arts and broadcasting techniques at the Institute of Media Arts in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) with a major in directing. He went on to direct several short films that were picked up by numerous international festivals. François Pirot is also an actor and screenwriter. “Mobile Home” is his first full-length feature.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: François Pirot, Maarten Loix, Jean-Benoît Ugeux

Dir. of Photography: Manuel Dacosse

Music: François Petit, Michaël De Zanet, Renaud Mayeur

Cast: Arthur Dupont, Guillaume Gouix, Jackie Berroyer, Jean-Paul Bonnaire, Eugénie Anselin, Claudine Pelletier