Kosmos '68

Kosmos '68
Director: Peeter Brambat

Estonia, Documentary, 2011, 70 min, estonian with english and lithuanian subtitles

The year 1968 was very significant to all Europe, when a number of protests against Soviet regime rose in many countries. That year was also significant for Estonia. Film “Kosmos ’68ˮ tells the story of the return of free expression and participatory democracy to Soviet Estonia, viewed through the prisms of rock music and counterculture. Using a lot of material from private archives the film makes an excursion to the sixties, when the first Estonian rock bands started to play and their music was underground music in the true sense of the idea. The repertoire was mainly acquired by listening and recording music from foreign radio-stations with the static noise of the radio. Radio Luxembourg and a lot of other radio stations playing new music became windows to the music-world. And in 1968 the first festival-like youth-music event was organized in Estonia and in whole Soviet Union. “Kosmos ’68ˮ is a chapter from the Estonian rock music history and an inspiring story about the birth of a fresh thought in the contradictional soviet cultural space.

About the director:

TV director and documentary filmmaker Peeter Brambat was born in 1954 in Tallinn, Estonia. At first he studied at the Tallinn Marine College, graduated as a marine engineer and later studied at the Tallinn Music College, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and journalism at the Tartu University. P. Brambat has worked in music and art department of the Estonian National Television and created several TV series and programs there. He also has taken part as a director in several co-productions with German and Russian televisions. He is a chairman of the board of Estonian Filmmakers’ Union.

Section: Music Moves The World

Screenplay: Peeter Brambat, Olavi Pihlamägi

Dir. of Photography: Madis Mihkelsoo, Meelis Kadastik, Toomas Jürgens