Kolka Cool

Kolka Cool
Director: Juris Poškus

Latvia, Comedy, drama, 2011, 93 min, latvian with english and lithuanian subtitles
Kolka is a small fisherman village on the Baltic coast. Being almost thirty but still living with their mothers, three friends spend their days drinking beer, killing time and picking up fights with the neighboring village. One of them, Andzha (Artuss Kaimiņš), is about to get married. Being busy with “settling his life”, he doesn't notice that his fiance Simona (Iveta Pole) starts to doubt her feelings. When his elder brother Guido (Andris Keišs) returns from the sea, the brothers now have to adapt again to living under one roof. Meanwhile his marriage plans fail. The brothers overcome their anatgonism when they discover their illusions about their up-coming marriage and women in general. “Kolka Cool”, an authentic comic drama by latvian director Juris Poškus, portrays life as a series of unrelated events, where proagonists see the quest for romantic love as a source for meaning to the lives.
2012 – Best Actress Award for Iveta Pole, Best Supporting Actor Award for Aigars Apinis and Best Editing Award at the Latvian National Film Festival (Latvia).
About the director:
Juris Poškus is a Latvian filmmaker and producer. He has written and directed several award-winning documentary films: “110/220” (1999) – Best Experimental Film Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA), “But the Hour Is Near” (Bet stunda nák, 2003) – Best Documentary Award at the Latvian National Film Festival (Latvia) and a nomination for Best Documentary Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic). Poškus‘ debut feature film “Monotony” (Monotonija, 2007) won Best Director Award at the Open Film Festival “Kinoshock” (Russia), Best Director and Best Actress awards at the Latvian National Film Festival (Latvia), Perspectives Award at the Moscow International Film Festival (Russia) and several other prizes. “Kolka Cool” is director‘s second feature film.
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Juris Poškus

Dir. of Photography: Aadel Nodeh-Farahani

Music: „Chinawoman“

Cast: Iveta Pole, Artuss Kaimiņš, Andris Keišs, Varis Piņķis, Aigars Apinis, Guna Zariņa, Māra Ķimele, Līga Vītiņa, Agnese Čivle