Isaac's Dream

Le songe d'Isaac
Director: Ursula Meier

France, Belgium, Drama, 1994, 13 min, without dialogues, V

Isaac is dying in a nursing home. Jean is the carer looking after him. His respectful tenderness brings back to Isaac sounds and images from childhood: from another world in which dream and memory mingle… The child’s eye view of farewell to his mother. Gestures and glances take the place of words.

Section: Ursula Meier Film Retrospective

Screenplay: Ursula Meier

Dir. of Photography: Thomas Couplet, Virginie Vermeersch

Music: Marie-Eve Ronveaux

Cast: Michel Vitold, Basile Gendron, Nathalie Laroche, Franck Vercruyssen, Joëlle Waterkeyn