Hungary 2011

Magyarország 2011
Director: András Jeles, Ágnes Kocsis, Ferenc Török, Simon Szabó, Márta Mészáros, Péter Forgács, László Siroki, György Pálfi, Bence Fliegauf, András Salamon, Miklós Jancsó

Hungary, 2012, 75 min, hungarian with english and lithuanian subtitles, V
“Hungary 2011” is an anthology film directed by eleven Hungarian filmmakers from different generations and produced by the acclaimed Hungarian director Béla Tarr. The film is an outcry in a country where the right wing government is increasingly restricting cultural and filmwork. Producer Béla Tarr about the film: “In the situation that evolved around Hungarian film we see no other possibility to prove our existance than with the help of a video series calling the viewers’ attention to the fact that we are still capable of working and expressing our thoughts, reflections and feelings. These films are produced on virtual cents. The creators accepted to work without receiving any kind of payment and to use the most inexpensive technique possible.“ “Hungary 2011” is a piece on the correlation between film and politics, and about the power of moving pictures.
About the directors:
András Jeles (born 1945): “Dream Brigade” (Álombrigád, 1989), “Joseph and His Brothers” (József és testvérei – Jelenetek a parasztbibliából, 2004).
Ágnes Kocsis (born 1971): “Fresh Air” (Friss levegö, 2006), “Adrienn Pal” (Pál Adrienn, 2010; screened at the Kaunas International Film Festival 2010).
Ferenc Török (born 1971): “Moscow Square” (Moszkva tér, 2001), “Eastern Sugar” (Szezon, 2004).
Márta Mészáros (born 1931): “Adoption” (Örökbefogadás, 1975; won Golden Bear at Berlinale), “Diary for My Loves” (Napló szerelmeimnek, 1987), “Foetus” (A magzat, 1994).
Simon Szabó (born 1979): “Paper Planes” (Papírrepülök, 2009).
Péter Forgács (born 1950): “Free Fall” (Az örvény, 1998), “Hunky Blues” (2009).
László Siroki (born 1978): “Survivors” (Túlélök, 2011), “Rácz Jocó” (2011).
György Pálfi (born 1974): “Hukkle” (2002), “Taxidermia” (2005).
Bence Fliegauf (born 1974): “Forest” (Rengeteg, 2003), “Dealer” (2004), “Just the Wind” (Csak a szél, 2012).
András Salamon (born 1956): “Close to Love” (Közel a szerelemhez, 1999).
Miklós Jancsó (born 1921): “Red Psalm” (Még kér a nép, 1972), “Hungarian Rhapsody” (Magyar rapszódia, 1979).
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