Director: Sacha Polak

Netherlands, Spain, Drama, 2012, 80 min, dutch with english and lithuanian subtitles, N16
Hemel (Hannah Hoekstra) has lived with her father Gijs (Hans Dagelet) since the death of her mother. Gijs has an endless string of women attached to him, but Hemel feels that none of them is a threat to their exclusive, unusually close relationship. This changes when Gijs falls in love with the young co-worker Sophie (Rifka Lodeizen). When he chooses to settle down and move in with Sophie, Hemel is forced not only to face the loss of her father, but also to confront her own intimacy problems. So she fights a guerrilla war with every man in town, looking for the difference between sex and love and trying to fill an emotional void with one-night stands. Beautifully shot and sexually frank Sacha Polak‘s debut feature film “Hemelˮ is a precise look at the world of a troubled young woman and her complicated road to emotional maturity. With a star-making performance by Hannah Hoekstra, this is a fine, detailed portrait of a woman on the verge of a new, independent phase in her adult life.
2012 – FIPRESCI Award at the Berlin International Film festival (Germany).
About the director:
Sacha Polak was born in 1982 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She graduated in 2006 from the Netherlands Film and Television Academy with her short film “Tarˮ (Teer), which was selected for a number of international film festivals. Her short films “El Mourrabbiˮ (2007), “Urgeˮ (Drang, 2008), “Under the Tableˮ (Onder de Tafel, 2008) and “Brotherˮ (Broer, 2011) followed. “Hemelˮ is Polak’s first feature film. The film premiered in the Forum section at the Berlin International Film Festival (Germany), won FIPRESCI Award and immediately turned Polak into a name to watch.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Helena van der Meulen

Dir. of Photography: Daniël Bouquet

Music: Rutger Reinders

Cast: Hannah Hoekstra, Hans Dagelet, Rifka Lodeizen