Half as Bad

La media pena
Director: Sergio Barrejón

Spain, Dramatic comedy, 2011, 14 min, spanish and english with english and lithuanian subtitles, N18

At dawn, an executive is about to shoot himself in his office. When he is just about to pull the trigger, the unexpected arrival of the cleaning lady interrupts him. The executive can only manage to hide and spy on her.

About the director:

Sergio Barrejón, born in 1973 in Madrid, Spain, is a screenwriter and a director. He co-wrote the script for the short film “One Too Many” (Éramos pocos, 2005) along with director Borja Cobeaga, nominated for an Oscar. He directed the short film, “The One In Charge” (El encargado, 2008), nominated for a Goya Award (Spain) and winner of several awards in Spain, France, Italy and the USA.

Section: Selection of Basque Short Films

Screenplay: Natxo López

Dir. of Photography: Jon D. Domínguez

Music: Aránzazu Calleja

Cast: Luis Callejo, Tanya Roberto