Found Memories

Historias Que So Existem Quando Lembradas
Director: Julia Murat

Brasil, Argentina, France, Drama, 2011, 98 min, portuguese with english and lithuanian subtitles, V
Like every morning Madalena (Sonia Guedes), an old widow, makes bread for Antonio's (Luiz Serra) old coffee shop. Like every day she crosses the railways where no trains have passed for years, she cleans up the gate of the locked cemetery, listens to the priest's sermon and then shares lunch with the other old villagers of Jotuomba. Clinging to the memory of her dead husband and living in her souvenirs, Madalena’s routine is disturbed by the arrival of Rita (Lisa E. Fávero), a young photographer who is arriving in the ghost village where time seems to have stopped. Brazilian director Julia Murat's multi-awarded film “Found Memories” is a quiet, graceful and delicate tale about time and memory.
2011 – Special Mention in the “Horizontes Latinos” section at the San Sebastián International Film Festival (Spain). 
2011 – Best Film Award in the “New Horizons” competition and Best Actress Award for Sonia Guedes at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (United Arab Emirates).
2011 – Best Actress Award for Sonia Guedes, Filmclub Jury Award and Audience Award at the Santa da Feira Film Festival (Portugal).
2011 – FIPRESCI Award at the Ljubljana International Film Festival (Slovenia).
2011 – Audience Award at the Warsaw International Film Festival (Poland).
2012 – Grand Prix at the Sofia International Film Festival (Bulgaria).
2012 – Audience Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (Groningen, Netherlands).
2012 – Ecumenical Jury Award, Filmclub Jury Award and Young Jury Award at the Fribourg International Film Festival (Switzerland).
2012 – Best Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography awards and Special Mention for Sonia Guedes, at the RiverRun International Film Festival (Winston-Salem, USA).
2012 – Special Mention at the Latin American Film Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands).
2012 – Audience Award at the Brazilian Film Festival (Paris, France).
2012 – Best Fiction Film Award and Peruvian Association of Communicators APC Prize at the Lima Film Festival (Peru).
About the director:
Julia Murat was born in 1979 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. She graduated from the Rio de Janeiro University in graphic design and at the Darcy Ribeiro Film School (Rio de Janeiro) as a screenwriter. She has a long time experience working as an editor, assistant director, and camera assistant. Since 2003 Julia Murat has made short-films, experimental videos, commercials and video-installations. Her feature length documentary film “Father’s Day” (Dia dos Pais, 2008) premiered at International Documentary Film Festival “Cinéma du Reel” (Paris, France). “Found Memories” is her first feature length fiction film. The story has roots in director’s interest in documentary film, as it combines true stories told by residents of small Brazilian villages during Murat’s two-month documentary research in the region with the features of South American magic realism.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Julia Murat, Maria Clara Escobar, Felipe Sholl

Dir. of Photography: Lucio Bonelli

Music: Lucas Marcier

Cast: Sonia Guedes, Lisa E. Fávero, Luiz Serra, Ricardo Merkin, Antônio dos Santos