Flower Buds

Director: Zdeněk Jiráský

Czech Republic, Drama, 2011, 93 min, czech with english and lithuanian subtitles, N13
“Flower Budsˮ tells the story of the gradual breakdown of a family living in a small town. Each family member lives according to his or her own ideals. Agáta (Marika Šoposká) wants a happy life far from home, fully aware that her only hope is to escape and therefore betray those close to her. Honza (Josef Láska) believes in the purity and power of love, regardless of the circumstances under which it is born. Kamila (Małgorzata Pikus) looks confidently to the future and does not intend to accept the misery of the present. The only Jarda (Vladimír Javorský) knows that he will not change the world or himself. Aware of his weakness, he does not even try. Jarda works for the railway, passing the time constructing models out of matches and glue or at the pub at the slot machines. The real and convincing attempt to rescue his family comes when it might be too late... Complimented with the exquisite cinematography of Vladimír Smutný and the impressive performances of its cast, director Zdeněk Jiráský‘s “Flower Budsˮ is a sincere, sensitive and moving social drama on everyday struggles to survive.
2011 – Best Director, Best Film, Best Cinematography awards and Best Actor Award for Vladimír Javorský at the Czech Lions Awards (Prague, Czech Republic).
2012 – The FEDEORA Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic).
About the director:
Writer and director Zdeněk Jiráský was born in 1969 in Jičín, Czech Republic. He graduated in screenwriting and script editing from Prague Film Academy (FAMU) in 2004, then started making documentaries. His films for Czech Television include “Vanishing Prague” (Mizející Praha, 2008) on the transformation of the Czech metropolis, “Asák” (2010) about photographer Petr Helbich, and “Goulash for 750 Million” (Guláš za 750 milionů, 2010) about election campaigns. He created a number of travel documentaries and worked on the television series as a screenwriter. “Flower Buds” is his feature debut. After receiving a preproduction screenplay award for “Flower Buds”, in 2011 Jiráský became only the third newcomer to win Czech Lions for Best Film and Best Director and nominated in all the most important categories for these awards.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Zdeněk Jiráský

Dir. of Photography: Vladimír Smutný

Music: Martin Přikryl, Archive

Cast: Vladimír Javorský, Małgorzata Pikus, Marika Šoposká, Josef Láska, Nguyen Thi Minh, Nguyen Kim Son, Kateřina Jandáčková, Jiří Maryško, Aneta Krejčíková