Fish n' Chips

Fish n' Chips
Director: Elias Demetriou

Cyprus, Graikija, United Kingdom, Drama, 2011, 102 min, greek and english with english and lithuanian subtitles
Andy (Marios Ioannou) is a hard working Cypriot immigrant in London who deep-fries his way into oblivion – he works in a fish n’ chips shop with his German girlfriend Karin (Marlene Kaminsky). Fed up with the stress of daily life in a big city, he decides to leave London for his native Cyprus. Having slaved away for others his entire life, he finally opens his very own chip shop by the sea. But everything is not as easy as it seems for a man who doesn’t really know the country where he’s from. Andy‘s dream turns into a nightmare, as he seems to have overlooked one small detail: Cyprus just isn't London! Cyprus-born writer and director Elias Demetriou, who has British, Greek and Cypriot citizenship, explores issues of immigration, identity, and complicated national loyalties in this personal and authentic tale “Fish n‘ Chips”.
About the director:
Born in Cyprus in 1965, Elias Demetriou now lives and works in Athens (Greece) where he studied film direction at the University of Athens. He has been working as a film director, editor, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and actor since 1991. He has directed shorts and documentaries, many of which were shown at international film festivals: “Tessera” (1991), “Privé” (1996), “Merry Kitschmas” (2000), “Coat Fitting” (2006), “Change for the Better” (2008) among many others. “Fish n‘ Chips” is his first full-length fiction film.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Elias Demetriou

Dir. of Photography: Giorgos Giannelis

Music: Christina Georgiou

Cast: Marios Ioannou, Marlene Kaminsky, Anne-Marie O'sullivan, Diomedes Koufteros, Alkestis Pavlidou