Director: Djinn Carrénard

France, Drama, 2010, 135 min, french with english and lithuanian subtitles, T

The film “Donomaˮ chronicles the romantic destinies of three women. High school Spanish teacher Analia (Émilia Derou-Bernal) suspects that her confrontations with her defiant student Dacio (Vincente Perez) mask something else. Chris (Laura Kpegli), a young photographer who’s never been romantically involved, decides she’ll bed the first man she meets, Dama (Sékouba Doucouré), but on one condition: no talking. Salma (Salomé Blechmans) considers herself an atheist but claims to have stigmata anyway, attracting the attention of the religious Raïné (Matthieu Longatte). Marked by fresh, vivid, unexpected performances, these stories examine love, faith and identity, revealing the issues of class and religion in modern France. romantic drama “Donomaˮ announces the arrival of an intriguing new talent: Haitian-born, Paris based Djinn Carrénard. Rumored to have been made for about 150 euro, the film suggests that the next great wave of French cinema might emerge from young people in the suburbs armed with digital cameras.


2012 – Audience Award at the New Horizons fim festival (Wrocław, Poland).

About the director:

Djinn Carrénard was born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) in 1981. Before settling in Paris (France) in 1998, he lived in Togo, French Guiana and Normandy (France). Carrénard studied philosophy in Paris but soon commited entirely to filmmaking. Since 2004 he created several music videos and short films. “Donomaˮ is director‘s first full-length feature. Directed, written, shot and edited by Djinn Carrénard himself, this low-budget visually stylish experimental drama was acclaimed by audiences and critics and received ovation at the festival screenings all over the world. Djinn Carrénard is now shooting his eagerly awaited second feature film.

Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Djinn Carrénard

Dir. of Photography: Djinn Carrénard

Music: Frank Villabella

Cast: Émilia Dérou-Bernal, Salomé Blechmans, Laura Kpegli, Vincente Perez, Sékouba Doucouré, Matthieu Longatte, Marine Judeaux