Director: Rudolfas Levulis

Lithuania, Creative documentary, 2012, 40 min., without dialogues, V

Prison, nursing home, skinheads, over 30 dance, water, sweat, prosthetic appliances, fight, kindergarten, hardjump, adolescence, greasy hair, synchronized swimming, metal, Visaginas, pogo, dance, dokumentary, video art. Creative documentary film “Discotheque” by Rudolfas Levulis encompasses all those things. According to sociologist Artūras Tereškinas, the film evokes ambiguous emotions of nostalgia, sadness, concern, anxiety and curiosity. “Discotheque” is comprised of many segments that narrate, through images, movements and sound, stories of different people and social groups.

About the director:

Rudolfas Levulis (born in 1982) is a young generation artist from Lithuania. He has studied photography and media art at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania). Currently is one of most active professional artists in Lithuania, creating social and public art projects. His works are complex, multi-stage and interactive, realized using various forms of media – from internet virtual platform to physical public space surroundings. R. Levulis has directed music videos, short and experimental film, documentaries, created public space installations, photographs, participated in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. “Discotheque” is his latest documentary film. It premiered at the National Gallery of Art (Vilnius, Lithuania) in 2012.


Section: Music Moves The World

Dir. of Photography: Rudolfas Levulis

Music: Alina Orlova