Director: Álvaro Sau

Spain, Documentary, 2011, 16 min, spanish and english with english and lithuanian subtitles, N18

Farid is thirty-three years old. After years of living on the edge, he left his job at McDonald‘s and retired to the desert. In the arid valley of Ryan, far away from Cairo, the revolution, the world, he drives his tractor and prays.

About the director:

Álvaro Sau was born in 1981 in San Sebastián, Spain. As a founding member of different groups and as a freelance artist he has done performances, audiovisual installations and single-channel pieces, directed short documentaries and experimental films. Through an intense nomadic life in Europe, Colombia, Brazil, India, Nepal and Egypt, he has developed a personal language around the reflection of the social representation of individuals and communities.


Section: Selection of Basque Short Films

Screenplay: Álvaro Sau

Dir. of Photography: Álvaro Sau

Music: Borja Sau