Colours of the Islands

Saarte värvid
Director: Madli Lääne

Estonia, Documentary, 2012, 58 min, estonian, faroese and english with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

How is the music born? Where does the inspiration come from? How could one visualize the fairytale world of sounds? Eivør Palsdottir is a young singer from Faroe Islands, with a mass of blond hair extending down her back, who shakes the concert venues up with her wild and primordial vocals. Barak Levi, 50 years her senior, is a black singer who strings his ukulele in the spirit of aloha on an ocean shore in Hawaii. Saxophonist and composer Villu Veski from Muhu island in Estonia is like a crashing point between the two, his fantasy knows no limits. The anthropological music documentary “Colours of the Islands” is the meeting point of three talented musicians from three different islands. All three of them get inspiration from the wonderful scenery and ancient traditions of their native islands. The film seeks the roots and origin of their music.

About the director:

Madli Lääne (born 1977) is a documentary filmmaker from Estonia. She studied filmmaking in the International Film School in Cologne (Germany) and in the Tallinn University Baltic Film and Media School (Estonia). She has directed several short documentary films: “The Inspector” (Järelevalveinspektor, 2003), “Springtime Wonderband” (Sensatsiooniline Tartu Kevadbänd, 2005), “Ready! Steady! Go!” (Tähelepanu, start!, 2006), “ABC” (2012). She has worked as an editor for many documentary and short films. “Colours of the Island” is Madli Lääne‘s debut feature-length music documentary.

Section: Music Moves The World

Screenplay: Madli Lääne

Dir. of Photography: Rein Kotov, Meelis Veeremets, Mait Mäekivi, Andrus Prikk

Music: Eivør Palsdottir, Barak Levi, Villu Veski