La Calma
Director: David González

Spain, Drama, 2011, 12 min, spanish and english with english and lithuanian subtitles, N18

Jorge, an ordinary man around forty years of age, sees how the stability of his world is threatened by a series of past events that he believed to be forgotten.

About the director:

David González was born in 1980 in Bilbao, Spain. From the age of eighteen he has worked in audiovisual production. He studied film in San Sebastián (Spain). He has made several short films that have won prizes in national and international competitions. He currently works as a director and editor.

Section: Selection of Basque Short Films

Screenplay: David González

Dir. of Photography: Javi Agirre

Music: Rubén G. Mateos

Cast: Mikel Martín, Irene Bau, Pako Revueltas, Miriam Martín, Begoña Aguirre, Gabriel Ocina, Jorge Santos, Nikola Zalduegi, Amaia Aberasturi, Enriqueta Vega, Lola Markaida