Director: Axel Petersén

Sweden, Drama, 2011, 79 min, sweden with english and lithuanian subtitles, N13
A former party organizer Janne (Johannes Brost) has just finished brief time with an ankle bracelet and has reunited with his former business partner Klas (Peter Carlberg). He is looking forward to the launch of their new exclusive night club, Avalon, and getting his life back on track. While illegal worker Donatas from Lithuania makes the final preparations before the opening, Janne hangs out with his recently divorced older sister Jackie (Léonore Ekstrand) and enjoys life as a soon-to-be-crowned club king. But just a few days before the club’s premier, Janne causes a catastrophic accident and his increasingly desperate attempts to deal with the situation drag him into a dark downward spiral and Janne’s new life and night club dreams seem to be indefinitely put on hold. The film “Avalon”, directed by a Swedish filmmaker Axel Petersén, is an ironic portrait of the hedonistic consumerist society, its greed and irresponsibility
2011 – FIPRESCI Prize for the Discovery programme at the Toronto International Film Festival (Canada).
About the director:
Axel Petersén, visual artist and filmmaker, was born in 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied at the The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm; he also studied film at Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. He has made several acclaimed short films and video installations. His short film “The Tracks of My Tears 2” (2011) premiered at the Horizons section of the Venice International Film Festival (Italy). A. Petersén‘s debut feature film “Avalon” premiered in Toronto International Film Festival and won the FIPRESCI prize for first best feature, earning A. Petersén a title of the most promising new voice in Swedish filmmaking.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Axel Petersén

Dir. of Photography: Måns Månsson

Music: Julian Hruza

Cast: Johannes Brost, Peter Carlberg, Léonore Ekstrand, Simas Lindešis, Miglė Polikevičiūtė