Around Pinget

Autour de Pinget
Director: Ursula Meier

Switzerland, Belgium, Documentary, 2000, 52 min, french with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

An indirect investigation of the writer Robert Pinget (1919–1997), author of thirty or so novels, stage plays and radio plays, the film manages to combine a style, a literary world and a cinematographic language. It explores the work of this author, conveys his fragmented vision of the world and strips off successive layers to reveal the man behind the words, ungraspable, contradictory, eternally absent. The film tries to express what Robert Pinget constructed, work by work, his way of looking at people and things, using image and sound to capture the sensations that emerge from reading his works, fashioning the cinematographic raw material into the likeness of his writing. Finally, the film asks what the writer was striving for beyond the words, describing a development which starts with daily reality and leads to poetry, a return to the working drawing, to childhood, to memory, to silence.

Section: Ursula Meier Film Retrospective

Screenplay: Ursula Meier

Dir. of Photography: Hans Meier, Patrice Cologne

Music: Philippe Cam