Anton Corbijn Inside Out

Anton Corbijn Inside Out
Director: Klaartje Quirijns

Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Documentary, 2012, 80 min, english and dutch with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

Documentary film “Anton Corbijn Inside Outˮ explores the persona of Anton Corbijn, internationally renowned Dutch photographer and filmmaker. He became famous for his iconic photographs of celebrities, including “Joy Divisionˮ, “U2ˮ, Miles Davis, Björk among many others, and music videos for “Depeche Modeˮ, “Nirvanaˮ, “Metallicaˮ and others. Corbijn also shot to fame as the director of the award-winning feature film “Controlˮ (2007) about the life of “Joy Divisionˮ frontman Ian Curtis. Director Klaartje Quirijns creates an intriguing story, uncovering Corbijn‘s creative motivations and inherent conflict as an artist. With interviews from musicians and artists, including Bono and George Clooney, and most of all Corbijn himself, we follow him to his current and childhood homes, his places of work, the studio and the film set, to reveal an intimate, inspiring and never-seen-before portrait of one of music culture’s most significant individuals.

About the director:

Documentary filmmaker and producer Klaartje Quirijns was born in 1967 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has directed and produced several documentaries there and worked as a journalist. In 1999 Quirijns moved to New York, USA, where she continues to work as a correspondent for Dutch national radio and television while pursuing independent documentary projects. Her films “The Brooklyn Connection” (2005) and “The Dictator Hunter” (2007), adressing severe political and human rights issues, have received multiple awards. Director‘s latest feature-length documentary “Anton Corbijn Inside Out” is the result of four years of up-close access to the celebrated Dutch artist. The film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival (Germany).

Section: All The Muses

Screenplay: Klaartje Quirijns, Thomas den Drijver

Dir. of Photography: Diderik Evers, Martijn van Broekhuizen

Music: Gavin Friday