On October 9 - last films in Kaunas International Film Festival screens


Kaunas International Film Festival draws to an end in Kaunas and Vilnius. 9 September in Kaunas festival invited to a closing film “Chico and Rita“ and the announcement of the winner of “Silver“ audience award.

Animated film “Chico and Rita”, directed by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscalio, tells about jazz pianist Chico and his lover singer Rita, both living in 1948 in Cuba, life drama and important period of jazz history. Film soundtrack is original creation of famous Cuban pianist Bebo Valdés.

In a closing will be also showed Simona Žemaitytė short film “Born in USSR”. It’s a short comment on finding a place, where you feel homey. Film’s illustrated with pictures from a soviet propaganda book for children “With Lenin”. Film will be presented by its producer Ieva Bužinskaitė.

Sunday – the last festival day in Kaunas and Vilnius, so don’t miss the opportunity to see the best Kaunas festival Films.

On 9 October, in cinema centre “Cinamon” was showed Estonian director Mart Kivastik “A Friend of Mine”. Film tells about two passionate book readers, it’s a story about loneliness and friendship.

Viewers also saw Italian director Gabriel Salvatores, currently filming in Vilnius, comedy about relations between two neurotic families “Happy Family”. Well filmed, playfully acted and filled with a positive energy film explains G. Salvatores popularity in modern Italian cinema.

Greek director Athinos Rachel Tsangari drama “Attenberg” was showed in Vilnius. Film tells about 23 year old Marina –an unpredictable creature whose isolated habitat and limited human interaction have led her to mimic the repetitive behaviour of animals featured in the David Attenborough documentaries she so hungrily devours. Her world is shaped by her father, a modernist architect, and by her promiscuous friend Bella, who provides her with kissing lessons and tantalising accounts of her own sexual adventures. The film's emotional trajectory intensifies when Marina begins to experiment with desire and is forced to confront her father's mortality..

The 5th Kaunas International Film Festival took place on 27 September – 9 October in Kaunas and Vilnius. After shows in Kaunas it moved to other cities.  On 10 – 13 October festival visited a film theatre “Garsas” in Panevėžys and on 13 – 16 September it moved to a film theatre “Agila” in Nida.