• Films created in Bela Tarr master classes were presented in Kaunas International Film Festival closure
    In the evening of October 9, Kaunas International Film Festival presented films, made in Bela Tarr two-day master classes at café “Suflerio būdelė, The 5th Kaunas International Film Festival and “MEDIA Desk Lithuania“ arranged an event and invited 6 young film makers by giving them an exclusive opportunity to create with a legendary Hungarian director Bela Tarr. Film professionals were able to develop their knowledge of how modern technologies influence filmmaking. Each participant launched into cinematic wandering with a camera round Kaunas bus station and made a short film.
  • “How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?“ awarded the Silver Audience Award 2011 at Kaunas International Film Festival
    The viewers of Kaunas International Film Festival 2011 selected their favourite film -“How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?“ by two Spanish directors Norbert López Amado and Carlos Carcaso. In second place was Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki film “Le Havre“ followed by the Italian work “Ten winters“ in the third place. The public also noted and enjoyed the award winning “A Separation“ by Asghar Farhadi from Iran (Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival) and “A Tree of Life“ by Terence Malick (Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival).
  • On October 9 - last films in Kaunas International Film Festival screens
    Kaunas International Film Festival draws to an end in Kaunas and Vilnius. 9 September in Kaunas festival invited to a closing film “Chico and Rita“ and the announcement of the winner of “Silver“ audience award.
  • This weekend - the opening of Daumantas Narkevičius “Restricted Sensation“
    Kaunas International Film Festival invited its viewers to the premiere of the latest film of Deimantas Narkevičius “Restricted Sensation“ with the director present for Q&A. This film was presented to Kaunas and Vilnius audience.
  • Read the reviews written during the critic's workshop of Kaunas International Film Festival
    This year a critic's workshops was held at Kaunas International Film Festival to give the young film critics the opportunity to express their thoughts not only in the close circle of friends in the form of discussion, but as well to write them down and share with the crowd of film viewers.

    For five days the participants worked closely and intensively with the prestigious film critic Boyd van Hoeij from Luxembourg trying to deepen their view about the specifics of film criticism, analyzing film from the festival and later expressing their impressions and observations in their reviews.
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