We Might As Well Fail

We Might As Well Fail
Director: Govinda Van Maele

Luxembourg, music documentary, 2010, 82 min
Probably the last thing one would associate with Luxembourg is rock and roll, yet it boasts one of the most vibrant rock scenes in the region. Just as international rock acts, both large and underground, rarely miss the opportunity to include the country on their European tour schedule, so has the local scene experienced an unprecedented growth in recent years. Luxembourg rock is marked by a loud and aggressive style, seemingly contrary to the tranquil, innocuous society it springs from. “We Might As Well Fail” offers a portrait of the often obscure small country from the vantage point of an emerging rock scene.
About the director:
Govinda Van Maele was born in 1983, in Luxembourg. He lives and directs documentary and short films there. Van Maele has made six documentary films so far. He started producing short films as a teenager, which eventually led to an invitation by producer/director Pol Cruchten to work in his company Red Lion, where Van Maele directed the short film “Josh” in 2006. The feature documentary “Muezzin” (2009), on which he worked as Director of Photography, has recently finished its run on the international film festival circuit. “We Might As Well Fail” is his first feature documentary as a director.
Section: Music Moves the World

Screenplay: Jean-Louis Schuller

Music: Luc Thomas