Was There a War?

Was There a War?
Director: Jonas Mekas

Lithuania, USA, dokumentary, 2002

This time, the legendary Bolex camera of Jonas Mekas is looking at the brothers in fate – Lithuanians who were running from the Soviet violence after World War II and ended up in German camps for displaced persons and then in the United States or Canada. The filmmaker recorded the everyday lives and holidays of the then future prominent politicians and actors in the fields of culture and art, mostly from New York and Boston. The film has a feeling of anxiety because of uncertain and unstable status of both Jonas Mekas himself and his emigrant friends in the American society. On the other hand, the issues analysed in the film go much deeper and involve human experiences after the fall of the three pillars of the Western civilisation: religion, culture and philosophy. An individual is forced to face himself or herself in an attempt to find real, authentic life.

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Dir. of Photography: Jonas Mekas