Traces of an Elephant

Traces of an Elephant
Director: Vanessa Nica Mueller

Germany, UK, 2011, 26:15 min
In the "Traces of an Elephant" the difficult social-political situation of the Northern Ireland is provided. Vanessa Nica Mueller uses footage from Alan Clarke's controversial television drama "Elephant" (1989), and combines this with audio recordings of Belfast inhabitants who are talking about scenes of the movie, about changes in the city and about their personal experiences which are familiar to the film. In her simple and efficient adaptation of “Elephant” Vanessa Nica Mueller manages to create a multi–layered reflection on a memory as the zone of transition between reconstruction and re-telling.
2011 – Prize for the best contribution to the German Competition at the International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen (Germany).
Section: All the Muses. Short film program “After a Scene...“