The Return of Dragon

Drak sa vracia
Director: Eduard Grečner

Czechoslovakia, drama, 1967, 82 min

Dragon is the nickname of a solitary hero, living far in the mountains. He is cast out by villagers because he brought them a bad luck. One day Dragon returns, sacrifices himself for the village, and the people take him back. “The Return of Dragon” represents the relationship between an individual and a group. Although the community holds masculine principles, love for woman gives to the film more subtle tones. It is a story about searching for lost emotions, love and trust. In his memorable feature Eduard Grecner brings the tradition of lyrical prose to life through a whole series of formal aesthetic techniques.

About the director:

Slovak film director Eduard Grecner, who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1931, has a special place among the “Slovak New Wave” film directors. Grecner studied dramaturgy and script writing at the well-known Film and TV school in Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. After his initial work with Štefan Uher, Grecner made his mark as a proponent of the so-called ‘intellectual’ film, the antithesis of the socially critical film. Grecner’s great role model was Alain Resnais, a young French filmmaker who introduced the idea of film as a labyrinth in which meanings are created not by linear stories, but by complex configurations of various layers of time, thus differentiating film from both literature and theater.

Section: Films of the Golden Period: Slovak New Wave

Screenplay: Eduard Grečner

Dir. of Photography: Vincent Rosinec

Music: Ilja Zeljenka

Cast: Radovan Lukavský, Gustáv Valach, Emília Vášáryová, Jela Bučková, Viliam Polónyi, Jozef Čierny, Pavol Chrobák, Mikuláš Ladižinský, Ivan Macho