The Prize

El Premio
Director: Paula Markovitch

Mexico, France, Poland, Germany, drama, 2010, 120 min
A cold and long forgotten town in Argentina serves as a haven for seven-year-old Ceci (Paula Galinelli Hertzog) and her mother Lucia (Laura Agorreca) while waiting for her father, who is persecuted by the military services. Ceci is surrounded by a lot of strange facts: she is told that it is a patriotic duty to betray one’s friend at school and ordered to be silent and keep a secret at home... what is the secret? Why should she stay silent? Ceci doesn‘t understand this. After being given an assignment to write about Argentina’s political/military junta she writes honestly that the army is a heartless killing machine. What will the consequences be? “The Prize” is a picture about the choice between truth and falsehood from the perspective of a little girl. Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear-winning cinematography and wonderfully natural acting provide a very special hue.
2011 – at the Silver Berlin Bear awards for camera and production design, Berlin International Film Festival (Germany).
About the director:
Paula Markovitch was born in 1968 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but didn’t live there for long – she had to leave home because of political repressions happening in the country. She later left for Mexico and still lives there. The challenges she faced in childhood became a foundation for her future career path – the path of a director and screenwriter, masterfully tangling human relations. The first script for “Sender unknown” (Sin remitente, 1995) enchanted the Venice International Film Festival audience. She first received international recognition as the screenplay author for the film “Lake Tahoe” in 2008. “The Prize” is Markovitch’s first feature movie directing attempt, a story full of autobiographical experience and beautifully rendered cinematography.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Paula Markovitch

Dir. of Photography: Wojciech Staron

Music: Sergio Gurrola

Cast: Paula Galinelli Hertzog, Sharon Herrera, Laura Agorreca, Viviana Suraniti, Uriel Lasillo