The Kids of Today

Des jeunes gens mödernes
Director: Jérôme de Missolz

France, musical, drama, 2011, 97 min
A legendary 70’s music critic comes across a group of young counter-culturalists. An incredible journey begins: from Hong Kong to Montreal, a short stop in New York and continuing to Paris and Beijing. The line between fantasy and reality, old music and new music, vanishes on the road and something new is born: a musical revolution. The spectral music critic finally reveals his name: 69-x-69, the inventor of punk and a famed star of times past. “The Kids of Today” immerses the viewer in a phantasmagorical story told in a memorable style and a soundtrack that will keep one awake for several days after.
About the director:
Jérôme de Missolz was born in 1954 in Lyon, France. While participating in the independent and experimental cinema movements, he surprisingly managed to get a Master of Laws degree and began creating his own cinema only after receiving it. After a few short films he started working in television, creating fashion and experimental music documentaries. “The Kids of Today” is his newest movie, perfectly reflecting the director’s long time creative values: the freedom of expression, body and mind.
Section: Music Moves the World

Screenplay: Jean-François Sanz

Dir. of Photography: Sarah Blum, Jérôme de Missolz

Music: Matthew Foldes

Cast: Yves Adrien, Mathieu Chausseron, Lio, Edwige, Les Crystal Castles, This Is Pop