The Gravedigger

A sírásó
Director: Sandor Kardos

Hungary, Experimental film, 2010, 85 min
A stranger comes to town in this adaptation of Rainer Maria Rilke’s short story, and gets a job as a gravedigger – as well as the adoration of the local bigwig’s daughter. She spends entire days with him in the cemetery garden, talking about death and dying. A plague befalls the town, sparing only a few, leaving them the task of pushing coffin- laden wagons to the cemetery. This film is an experimental attempt to free the viewer’s imagination from the representational spatial image of the world by using the particular camera techniques.


2011 – Special Mention, FIPRESCI Prize at the New Horizons International Film Festival (Wroclaw, Poland).

About the director:
Sándor Kardos was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1944. He first graduated in Hungarian literature, linguistics and cultural management from the ELTE University, then in cinematography from the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film. Since 1979 he has been working as a cinematographer for the Hungarian Film Production Company (MAFILM) and as a director for the Hungarian National Television. S. Kardos directed his first full-length feature film "Winning Ticket" (Telitalálat) with Illés Szabó in 2003.
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Gábor Németh, Sándor Kardos

Dir. of Photography: Sándor Kardos

Music: Peter Ogi

Cast: Mari Törocsik, István Anga-Kakszi, Alina Papp, Géza Bereményi, György Báron, István B. Gellér