The Field of Magic

Stebuklų laukas
Director: Mindaugas Survila

Lithuania, Documentary, 2011, 62 min
“The Field of Magic” is a docu-poem about people living for over two decades in Buda forest near the closed down Kariotiškės dump, 40 km from Vilnius, Lithuania. A result of four year's work, the film captures the perspective of the dump dwellers in telling the story of a dissolving community, the uniqueness of its daily rhythm, the peculiar way of life, and everyday joys and sorrows. “The Field of Magic” is the first movie by Mindaugas Survila that tells the story of people, not animals. The huge experience of observing nature that he gathered through the years has helped M. Survila in creating an original piece of documentary.



2009 – “Golden Funnel” award for the best developed project, at the ExOriente Film Wokshop in Jihlava (Czech Republic).

About the director:

Mindaugas Survila was born in 1983. In 2005 he took a bachelor’s degree in Biology at Vilnius University, faculty of Natural sciences, and in 2007 he was awarded a master’s degree of Ecology and Environmental Research. M. Survila has been photographing nature since his childhood, and he started filming as a student. Since 2007 he has spent half of his workweek working as an operator for various TV channels, and the other half filming and photographing nature. He worked as an operator assistant to A. Kemežys in the movie “The Fire” (Gaisras, 2009), by the well-known Lithuanian documentarian A. Stonys. The first independent movie by M. Survila, about the rare ospreys – “Meeting the ospreys” (Susitikimas su žuvininkais, 2007), was voted the best Lithuanian nature documentary of 2007, and received the Petras Abukevičius award.
Section: Wide Angle

Dir. of Photography: Mindaugas Survila