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Gently Down The Stream
Director: Su Friedrich

USA, experimental, 1981, 14 min

This film is constructed from fourteen dreams taken from 8 years of journal writing, and reflects what director Su Friedrich calls "the messy dream logic". Words were scratched directly on the filmstrip during its development so that the viewer could create his own soundtrack whilst reading the text. The images of women, water, animals and saints are especially potent with the written words and create an exceptional artistic synthesis. “Gently Down The Stream” is a powerful walk through one of the USA’s most celebrated Avantgarde film directors.

About the director:

Su Friedrich (born in 1954, New Haven, Connecticut, USA) is an experimental filmmaker and lecturer. Her career dating to the early 70’s, she’s still ceaselessly creating films that raise relevant questions. Friedrich’s unique touch could be seen even in her initial film attempts – daring turns of thought, leaps from autobiographical experience to the current political situation, an honest analysis of femininity and homosexuality. An inimitable film mix is made combining journalist footage, archival and personal shots, a mix still inspiring generations of avant-garde artists.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Screenplay: Su Friedrich

Dir. of Photography: Su Friedrich