Stick Climbing

Stick Climbing
Director: Daniel Zimmermann

Austria, Switzerland, 2010, 14 min

Daniel Zimmermann’s “Stick Climbing” dares to create a complex spatial experiment, in which the viewer is involved and his passive role is challenged. A contemplative walk leads to a bizarre climbing tour. The camera that has just panned over everyday village life now homes in on a construction of wooden slats to then follow a breakneck route up a vertical rock face. From the perspective of the invisible climber, we experience a seemingly impossible ascent while hearing his breath growing heavier and heavier with every move.


2010 – Main Award of Swiss Competition in Winterthur Kurzfilmtage (Switzerland).

Section: All the Muses. Short films program “Coming Attractions“

Screenplay: Daniel Zimmermann

Dir. of Photography: Harald Höllwöger, Bernhard Braunstein, Raoul Schmitz, Anderes Kreimeier, Andreas Hasenöhrl