Spiders in Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical

Spiders in Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical
Director: Martha Colburn

USA, animation, experimental, 1999, 3 min

“Spiders in Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical” is an intriguing glance at the world of she-spiders (yes, female spiders). They chaotically dance and wiggle whilst looking at the viewer with coquettish lusty eyes connecting life and death with their bop in this experimental mystery. The amazing imagination of Martha Colburn awards us with a feast for the eyes.


1999 – the Golden Jury Award, Chicago Underground Film Festival (USA).

About the director:

Martha Colburn (born in 1971, Pennsylvania, USA) is an American filmmaker and artist, mostly known for her short films, full of animation and combining elements of puppets, collage and painting on glass. M. Colburn doesn’t restrict herself within visual arts only – she has played with music groups numerous times. This sense of music and rhythm can be perfectly seen in her pulsatile films. The filmmaker combines pop culture, feminist theory and political imagery, crowning this raving mix with the rawness of punk rock.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Music: Red Balune, Jad Fair, J. Willett