Sister Smile

Soeur Sourire
Director: Stijn Coninx

Belgium, France, biographical musical drama, 2009, 119 min
The end of 1950s, the outskirts of Brussels. Like all young people, Jeannine Deckers (Cécile De France) wants two things: freedom and adventure. After losing hope of receiving any support from her unloving family and not wanting to tread the regular path – to get married and take over the family bakery – Jeannine sets off to find her peers. She ends up at convent, where she realizes that being a Dominican nun demands renunciation of all distractions and pleasures, including her beloved music. “Sister Smile” is a movie based on the true facts about the famous Singing Nun, creator of the world conquering song “Dominique”, who managed to give joy to people despite all her personal tragedies.
About the director:
Stijn Coninx (born in 1957, Neerpelt, Belgium) is one of the most famous contemporary Belgian movie directors. Having created his first full-length and short films at university, he gained appreciation with film “Daens” (1992), which received an Academy Award nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film. The director was appraised by the Belgian authorities in 1993 by receiving the title of Baron from the hands of the king. “Sister Smile” continues Stijn Coninx‘s long-lived creative traditions, telling the idyllic yet true story of a woman’s deep love for music.
Section: Music Moves the World

Screenplay: Stijn Coninx, Ariane Fert, Chris Vander Stappen

Dir. of Photography: Yves Vandermeeren

Music: Bruno Fontaine

Cast: Chris Lomme,
Sandrine Blancke,
Cécile De France,
Marie Kremer