Seventh Bullet

Седьмая пуля
Director: Ali Khamraev

USSR, Drama, 1972, 100 min

Uzbekistan in the 1920s: Bolshevik commander Maksumov returns to the Uchkurgan settlement after spending a few days in the regional capital. He finds the place devastated and depopulated. His opponent, Khairulla, a leader of the anti-Soviet fighters known as Basmachi, has not only defeated the Red Army troops but also convinced more than a hundred of them to switch sides. Maksumov decides to go to the lion’s den on his own in order to confront the enemy, so he joins a caravan on its way to the Basmachi camp. Later in pursuit of his enemy, Maksumov chases Khairulla across a river. He has only one bullet left – the seventh, and he must not miss his target.

About the director:
Film director Ali Khamraev was born in 1937, in Uzbekistan. He studied at the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). He is best known in the former Soviet Union for his work in the 1970s. Khamraev has won a number of accolades at home, including being an "Honoured Art Worker" of the Uzbek Republic. He is still working today, and his most recent film “Bo Ba Bu” (2001) toured round many European festivals.
Section: Red Westerns

Screenplay: Fridrik Gorenstein, Andrei Konchalovsky

Dir. of Photography: Aleksandr Pann

Music: Rumil Vildanov

Cast: Suimenkul Chokmorov, Dilorom Kambarova, Khamza Umarov, Bolot Beishenaliev