Self made

Self made
Director: Gillian Wearing

UK, documentary, 2010, 83 min
“Self Made” could be called a self-reflective documentary. It records a non-traditional theater project that film director Gillian Wearing initiated in London with a Method acting teacher Sam Rumbelow. They found seven participants who all were non-actors and together with them entered into a ten-day Method workshop, filming them as Rumbelow pushed them to explore themselves and act out their experiences in a various situations.
About the director:
Gillian Wearing, born 1963, is an English photographer and video artist, one of the YBAs (Young British Artist). Wearing won the Turner Prize in 1997. In December 2007 she was elected lifetime member of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. G. Wearing has described her working method as "editing of life".
Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Gillian Wearing, Leo Butler

Dir. of Photography: Gillian Wearing