Director: Martin Jern, Emil Larsson

Sweden, drama, thriller, 2011, 90 min
“Savage” tells the story about a guy called Kim who comes out of prison and his greatest wish is to live an ordinary, average life. He works very hard and spends his free time together with his girlfriend. But with no money, Kim is forced to live with his father, who certainly does not approve of his son’s plans to give up his criminal career. Kim’s life is interwoven with those of three other youths: Jesper, who tries to earn some extra cash through internet porn services; Ylva, whose sexual fantasies don't exactly go hand in hand with her devout Christian upbringing; and Susanne, who practises her talents as a stripper. The atmosphere of the film is one of a stifling, nearly suffocating frustration caused by the suppression of the dreams and desires of the characters, all of whom have various needs that are not being fulfilled. The directors in this film focus on a Scandinavian youth culture where criminality is no surprise, to the extent that it is very difficult to shake off society’s negative expectations, and changing the course of one's life seems virtually impossible.
About the directors:
Swedish film-makers Martin Jern (b. 1978) and Emil Larsson (b. 1979) have been directing films together for several years. After the success of a few short films, including, “I Love Johan” (2002) and “I am Roger” (Jag är Roger, 2003), they co-directed the feature “Fourteen Sucks” (2004) that was shown at several international film festivals. M. Jern and E. Larsson are co-founders of the production company Dansk Skalle.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Martin Jern, Emil Larsson

Dir. of Photography: David Grehn

Cast: Rolf Jarl, Sofie Karlsson, Michael Petersson, Nicolaj Schröder, Magnus Skog, Emelie Sundelin, Stefan Söderberg