Poppies and Sailboats

Voiliers et coquelicots
Director: Rose Lowder

France, experimental, 2001, 2 min

Little is needed for the world to appear different. The date, the hour, the surroundings, one glance or a sudden thought – and everything changes. Sailboats slowly travel from Vieux port in Marseilles, France. Where to? Towards the scarlet fields of poppies, where everything changes. Rose Lowder’s “Poppies and Sailboats” is a meditative glance at the reality surrounding us.

About the director:

Rose Lowder (born in 1941, France) planned to become a sculptor and a painter – cinema was only a chance to make some additional money and a hobby. But in 1977 the filmmaker concentrated on studying cinematography and never left this branch, actively participating in underground cinema distribution societies and lecturing about the art of cinema. The works of R. Lowder are full of freshness and contingency: every detail is met with the joy of discovery.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Screenplay: Rose Lowder

Dir. of Photography: Rose Lowder