My Paris Movie

My Paris Movie
Director: Jonas Mekas

USA, documentary, 2011, 159 min

Jonas Mekas has said multiple times: “If I spend at least three days in one place I start to take root”. The author has intermittently spent 19 years in Paris where the film was shot. Thus, Jonas Mekas can be paraphrased to say that love begins to bloom for the location where one spends more than three days. “My Paris Movie” is a love letter to Paris. It was here that the godfather of the American avant-garde film met the long deceased poets and philosophers whose spirits are still wandering the city streets, as well as living, cheerful and playful friends that are always there despite the distance in terms of time and space. Many Lithuanians who have visited Paris two years ago can tell an anecdote: there was this person walking down the promenade along the Seine River with a T-shirt saying "Make War not Love"… in a familiar handwriting of Jonas Mekas.

Section: Special screenings: Jonas Mekas Films

Dir. of Photography: Jonas Mekas